Over the past decade we have come a long way as far as technological innovations are concerned. Businesses that did not even exist before 2000 have become household names, and have created products and services that are part of our daily lives. In the past 10 years there have been so many creations that have shaped our world today.

Digital Trends has come up with the top 10 innovations from the last 10 years. Try to imagine your life without some of these things:

1. Apple’s iPhone
2. Google
3. Windows XP
4. Social Networking sites- facebook and twitter
5. USB Flash Drive
6. GPS
7. TiVo
8. Apple’s iPod
9. Nintendo Wii
10. Wi-Fi

While some of these things are not the most recent or advanced technologies, they all have been majorly influential and have lead to even more complex innovations. The technology industry has been a key growth area for business in the past decade and has changed our lives drastically. Companies from all over the world have been competing to come up with the latest and greatest technologies. The competition is certainly heating up, where will the next great technology come from?

Join us this week as we talk about all things technology and how it ties into international business!


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