It can be done! Creating jobs back home while increasing sales overseas is possible and United Solar Ovonic has proved it. United Solar Ovonic is a Michigan based company that creates and exports solar panels and has recently begun a joint venture with United Solar Ovonic Jinneng in China. They develop lightweight, flexible solar panels. They are great, not to mention green, energy producers so it’s no wonder that this business has been booming.

The energy industry is certainly a hot topic right now, so how does United Solar Ovonic rise above the rest? First, their product stands out because of its light weight and its energy generating capabilities. Second, they have entered into the right markets. They have targeted China because their government is focused on renewable energy. This makes them highly receptive to new ideas and technologies.

United Solar Ovonic’s business plan falls right into place with the National Export Initiative in the United States which encourages exports. Even though they have begun to produce in China, the majority of the materials are still exported from the United States. Jim Finn is the resident managing director of United Solar Ovonic and thinks that the outlook is good for exports. He says they are already getting business deals in the United States and Europe. Hopefully this is a good sign for them, and other businesses bouncing back from tough times.

United Solar Ovonic seems to have a killer combination, green energy, domestic jobs, and overseas growth. So far it's lead to new deals, and big profits! The U.S. Commercial Service hopes that other U.S. businesses will do the same and work with the National Export Initiative to find business success through exports.

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