While many United States and European airlines have been floundering, the Latin American airline industry has been soaring and is expected to continue to grow into next year. New non-stop flights, frequent flier miles partnerships and alliances of airlines have propelled the airline industry in Latin American countries. While much of the globe has been hit hard in the airline sector, the International Air Transport Association expects Latin America to thrive.

In the past, Latin America has not had the flight options that would have allowed it to be successful. Now, many airlines are creating non-stop flights that connect Latin America to the United States. American Airlines is planning to offer a non-stop flight between Rio de Janiero and New York and also between Miami and Brasilia this fall. AeroMéxico, introduced nonstop service from Monterrey to both Miami and Houston recently as well. Other airlines in the region have also begun to explore this option.

Oneworld is also a large part of Latin American Airline success. It is a global alliance of 11 airlines and almost 20 other affiliate airlines that service hundreds of destinations all over the world. Mexicana airlines became a oneworld member last year, and LAN (one of the largest airline groups in Latin America) has also been a member and has drawn business to surrounding countries. With alliances such as oneworld, more destinations can be offered to fliers and better deals are available, which is more enticing to consumers.

Another way that Latin America has increased its flight traffic is code-sharing frequent-flier miles between airlines. This means that customers can share their benefits across allied airlines. GOL Airlines in Brazil and Copa Airlines are doing this, and GOL already has a similar arrangement with American Airlines. GOL also has launched a non-stop flight to the United States as well. Many Latin American airlines have either looked into or are already participating in code-sharing with other airlines.

With many Latin American airlines looking to take part in alliances such as SkyTeam, or oneworld, and offering non-stop flights and code-sharing deals, they are on the top of the global airline industry.

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