The world is continuously changing with new markets, international trade and political movements as well as educational and cultural fluctuations. The only question is where exactly is all this change occurring? A new study by A.T. Kearney has just come out with the Top Global Cities of 2010.

The study didn’t just focus on the most popular cities known to man but instead measured each city on five different criteria:

1.) Business Activity - meaning the location of big companies in the city, the flow of goods in and out of the area as well as the depth of their capital markets. This is the big indicator to begin with in regards to being a center for global recognition.

2.) Human Capital - this includes the number of international schools, universities, student population, and those in the city with a university degree.

3.) Information Exchange - including the number of broadband subscribers, news coverage, and any other means of communication.

4.) Cultural Experience - including museums, performing arts, sports, and other contributors to the overall culture of the city.

5.) Policy Engagement - the amount of embassies and consulates, political conferences, and other means of political reach.

These five measures helped to find the top global cities that ranked the highest overall. Here is the list in order:

1.) New York
2.) London
3.) Tokyo
4.) Paris
5.) Hong Kong
6.) Chicago
7.) Los Angeles
8.) Singapore
9.) Sydney
10.) Seoul

For a listing of all twenty cities, check out the slide show!

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