Despite the tendency to think otherwise, it is possible for businesses of any size to have a successful strategy centered on exporting products overseas. While many entrepreneurs and small business owners may believe that they cannot possibly develop a successful international business strategy due to a lack of knowledge about foreign customers, poor foreign language skills, or size constraints, experts in the field of international business would urge them to push those doubts aside. 

Jim Blasingame of The Small Business Advocate recently sat down with Doug Barry, the Director of Marketing and Communication at the United States Commercial Service. They discussed many of the myths associated with small business exporting and provided recommendations for business owners looking to target foreign markets for their products.

Barry advises businesspeople not to “know their limitations” but rather to “challenge their limitations”. It is often easier for a business to ignore a challenging strategy due to the risk of failure, but risk is often inherent in any strategy that can lead to great success. He asks them to change the way that they think about what they are capable of, and stresses that any company is more than capable of successfully doing business overseas.

For companies in the United States hoping to step into the realm of exporting, valuable resources are available from government agencies. The government has made it a priority to assist businesses in going global, and they can be a great source of knowledge and experience. Barry’s United States Commercial Service is one such agency that serves to promote international trade.

You can listen to the entire interview right here!

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