The green movement is something we have been hearing a lot about. Reduction in paper, reusable products, solar energy, you name it and it has been in the news. The refreshing news now is to see who is actually making the changes.

From Bank of America to Honda, top companies around the world are making a conscious effort to make their products environmentally friendly. With the shift towards green products, many of the companies are not only seeing a rise in consumer interest but a whole new area to develop products. GE for example has sold over $12 Billion from its Ecomagination products which include solar panels, a sector that is continually increasing in demand.

The newbies on the list is where we should put some of our attention. Many of these companies not only just started thinking green but many of them have been charged with crimes against the environment including contamination and polluting. Not long ago a multitude of these companies were doing the exact opposite of what they are telling consumers now. The demand of green products and the increased environmental awareness has backed some of these companies into a corner that they had to fight their way out of by appealing to the consumers changing expectations in products.

Whichever reason these companies may have for green products, the world can thank them for taking a part now. There are many things each company is doing to ensure a sustainable environment and we can only hope that many more companies will follow their lead.

To check out the full list of 25 Big Companies that are Going Green and the new products and projects they are working on visit their website!

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