Over the past few weeks, the globalEDGE team has been revising the Country Insights pages to provide you with the most current information available. We’re happy to announce that the Country Insights section is 100% up to date! This includes all statistical data provided by the CIA World Factbook and the background notes from the State Department.

For those who haven’t gotten a chance to explore the Country Insights pages, we encourage you to take a look! Country Insights is a comprehensive database of over 200 countries that combines statistical, substantive, and business specific information.

Country Insights is also an invaluable tool for country research of any kind - let’s say that you had just read an interesting article from Shanghai Daily about China’s global competitiveness index, and want to learn more. You can look up China’s GCI along with other statistics on China’s statistics page. To learn more about what makes up China’s economic structure and their most competitive sectors, you can look at the economy page. And for information on how the Chinese Communist Party approaches economic issues, check out the government page.

Use Country Insights to help plan your company’s next big international move - in addition to GDP, import/export, population, technology, and energy statistics, Country Insights also provides business risk assessments, industry breakdowns which allow multiple sorting options, and ranking data to help you identify other characteristics of the target country, such as foreign policy globalization and "e-readiness."

Be sure to check out Country Insights in addition to other resources available on globalEDGE!

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