The success of the National Export Initiative (NEI), which calls for the doubling of U.S. exports and adding millions of new jobs in 5 years, depends in part on the 265,000 plus U.S. exporters finding buyers in additional country markets. If an exporter is selling to Canada now, Mexico or Chile might be good places to expand. But how will the U.S. company know which market to choose?

This is a key question. In a recent survey U.S. manufacturing exporters reported that they limit international expansion due to lack of a reliable means to select the best new market. One way to help insure that the selection is the smartest one is to study the U.S. Commercial Service’s Country Commercial Guides.

The Country Commercial Guide is an annual publication designed to help U.S. exporters make the best strategic market entry decisions. With information contained in the Guides you’ll learn about market conditions, purchasing power, consumer trends, distribution channels, navigating entry constraints, best sectors, key contacts and much more. You’ll find Guides for more than 100 countries, prepared by market experts located at U.S. embassies worldwide. View the Guides online or print them off for study at your convenience.

Doug Barry is a trade specialist with the Trade Information Center of the U.S. Commercial Service. He can be reached at

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