The international flower market seems to be growing faster than the plants themselves. Over $100 billion worth of flowers are traded internationally each year. It is easy to assume that most flowers are grown locally, but you would be surprised to know that most likely that the bouquet sitting on your table is not from your own country. In the United States, imports account for 68% of fresh cut flowers. These flowers mainly come from Colombia, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada.

Many families in developing countries depend on the flower industry for their livelihoods. The recent trend is for growers to ship their flowers internationally to wholesalers or retailers, but local markets still play a vital role in these flower growers’ businesses. These can be as simple as a stand on a street, to a full blown international event. Some of the largest and most famous flower markets are:

The Bloemenmarkt
The Netherlands is known to be a leader in the flower industry worldwide, so it’s no wonder that some of the most recognized flower markets are located there as well. The Bloemenmarkt is located along the Singel canal in Amsterdam and has become a major tourist attraction. It is particularly unique because all of the florists and vendors are on houseboats. Its distinctive setup and location in the flower capital of the world makes this market stand out.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction
Also in The Netherlands is the Aalsmeer Flower Auction that features and array of flowers ranging from the traditional Dutch tulips to roses and gerber daisies. In all there are over 13,000 different types of flowers at this market alone and over 20 million are auctioned off daily!

Colombian Road Flower Market
The Colombian Road Flower Market in London has been in operation since the 18th century and features over 50 vendors selling a variety of international and exotic flowers. Flowers are imported from all over the world for this market as well as grown within Great Britain. This market has a rich history and has only thrived with the recent growth of the flower market.

Bangkok Orchid Market
The Bangkok Orchid Market in Thailand is the largest fresh flower market in Bangkok, but that is not the only thing that sets it apart. Like other markets, it also has flowers from local growers and all over the world, but at this market flowers are sold primarily in the night under florescent lighting. This creates a unique experience unlike any other flower market.

These are just a few of the thousands of flower markets around the world. Many of these markets provide a place for local growers to keep their business going as well as display many international flowers. Flower markets have certainly helped the industry bloom into the success it’s become.

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