Bridging the gap between your business aspirations and your company’s ability to meet those expectations can be a daunting task for any business leader. This is often referred to as the execution gap. A recent survey found that nearly 49% of business leaders perceive this gap in their company, and 64% lacked confidence in their ability to narrow it. Following these 6 simple rules from is essential to closing this execution gap and reaching your goals.

1. Clearly Express Your Goals
Without a clear idea of your company’s aspirations, goals are hazy and will produce sub-par results. You must also be able to communicate this strategy to others; employees are more likely to produce disappointing results if they do not understand what is expected of them. However simple this tip may seem, many companies overlook it and do not have defined goals.

2. Gain Necessary Knowledge
Leaders must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to put a strategy into action. Team members must assess if they have the necessary abilities for their roles.

3. Create a Quality Leadership Team and Monitor Progress
A strong leadership team is critical to successfully implementing a plan of action. Sticking to your plan is crucial in turning your goals into a reality.

4. Listen to Feedback and Be Flexible
Leaders must listen intently to the feedback provided by their employees and customers. Simple complications can escalate to drastic problems if not dealt with quickly. Leaders must be flexible when problems arise.

5. Give Credit Where It is Due
Break down a long process into smaller steps. Doing so allows team members to remain focused on their current task, and rewards them when they complete it. Leaders should always recognize and praise those that deserve it.

6. Be Prepared to Abandon an Idea
Letting go of a project can be one of the most difficult things for a professional to do. However, it is often necessary in reaching your aspirations.

Will your business reach its goals in the future?

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