If you wanted to start a business anywhere in the world where would you pick? According to a Wall Street Journal article, the best place would be Denmark. The article talks about a collection of surveys that show a glimpse of entrepreneurship around the world and the factors that might help your next business make it in the global marketplace.

Starting a new business is always a struggle in any economy around the world. Some countries have expensive startup costs along with the vast amounts of procedures you must go through. Other countries including Brazil and India are on everyone’s radar for the next group of emerging markets. These thoughts and concerns are all put together within the article. The survey also touches on the issues of Venture-Capital Funding, Participation by Gender, and Types of Businesses.

The article has graphs and lists to show the countries in order, the countries with the largest group of female entrepreneurs, along with the average cost to start a business in certain countries.

Check out the website here to see where your next big idea should be launched!

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