Bad weather can have devastating effects on a business. In the last year we saw massive floods, earthquakes, and snowstorms. Such events caused disruptions in transportation and infrastructure, which in turn created obstructions for workers and the end result was that global businesses incurred large costs.

It is easy to see why many companies - especially in the logistics business, invest heavily in weather forecasting. Different types of weather technology help businesses manage risk imposed by natural disasters. The following BBC video provides examples of how technology is used to aid businesses:

As the video suggests, the newest technology that has been utilized by businesses to minimize losses due to bad weather is cloud computing. Different companies use it differently. One way is that it allows commuters to work from home in case they can't make it to work. Cloud computing provides them with all the data, files, and applications they would have in the office. Even though there are some doubts about cloud computing related to privacy, security, and loss of data, there is no doubt that the concept will continue to grow.

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