A quick look around the globe can show you that the continued growth in emerging markets have led to rapid changes in many industries. One of the industries that many people seem to overlook is the entertainment industry. Global entertainment is actually in the crosswinds of many trends that have changed (and will continue to change) the face of entertainment.

With the continued growth of emerging markets, massive amounts of people have started to join the middle class. With this new status they have started to enjoy many of life’s offerings that many people take for granted: internet and entertainment. With so many new opportunities, many citizens are able to enjoy entertainment through the internet. Unfortunately, many emerging countries have very loose piracy laws and people find it extremely easy to download content illegally. Other countries such have India have embraced the expansion of entertainment by creating the largest film producing industry (Hindi cinema, informally known as Bollywood).

Rather it be Hollywood or Bollywood, technology will continue to change the face of the entertainment industry. Some movies are now being shot in 3D or IMAX while many of your favorite shows can now be watched from your computer or mobile devices. To learn more about entertainment around the globe, read our blog series all this week!

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