Speaker: Sheri Jones, WLNS-TV Channel 6

Air Date: June 13, 2017

Hosted by Tomas Hult, this segment of the globalEDGE Business Beat is an interview with Sheri Jones who is anchor and reporter for WLNS-TV Channel 6, a CBS and ABC affiliate in Mid-Michigan.

Tomas Hult is Professor and Byington Endowed Chair in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

Sheri has been with WLNS-TV for 27 years and is a staple for trusted news in the mid-Michigan community. A lot of this trust comes from Sheri always being in the community volunteering, participating in events, and making herself available for community involvement.

Her background tells a story about cliff diving and cave diving, having a knack for finding sand dollars on the ocean floor, and traveling all over – recently Sheri’s Habitat for Humanity Capital Region took her to Kenya to build a house. In this interview segment, Sheri shares her experience in Kenya.

Speaker: Sheri Jones, WLNS-TV Channel 6

Air Date: June 07, 2016

Hosted by Tomas Hult, this interview segment of the globalEDGE Business Beat focuses on the Greater Lansing community and its globalization of infrastructure, products, services, and people in the last decade. Sheri Jones, Anchor and Reporter for WLNS-TV Channel 6, a CBS affiliate in the Central Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and Tomas Hult dialogue about Lansing from Sheri’s vantage point as a person always in the know about local news, trends, and people.