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China is currently undergoing its worst pork crisis. Since recognized in August of 2018, the African swine fever, the epidemic that has caused the total pig population to shrink by around 130 million, or more than 40%, has caused an estimated $140 billion in direct losses as of December 2019. The spread of the disease sent pork prices skyrocketing. China’s inflation reached a nearly eight-year high in November after pork prices soared 110% year-on-year. This even led to the culling of almost 1.2 million pigs to stop the spread of the virus, which is highly contagious and fatal in pigs. China produced 54 million tons of pork in 2018, according to official statistics, but was expected to produce only 40 million tons in 2019. Rabobank, the Dutch financial services company, estimates Chinese pork production will fall further to 34 million tons in 2020. Although the disease has been devastating for China, it is the opportunity of a lifetime for pork producers outside of the country.