Social media has became an extremely important business trend worldwide. It took time for social media to morph from purely a social tool into a business tool, and the transition into the classroom has had its challenges as well. To many professors the words Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube probably provoke some form of frustration. Until recently, social networking sites like these meant nothing in the academic world except distractions. Now, with the business prevalence of social media becoming more apparent, many business schools are starting to see the importance of including social media into their curriculums.

In Europe, many MBA programs are beginning to incorporate social media into their courses. Not only that, but some have entire courses dedicated to the subject. The emphasis of these courses is not just to show what social media is, but how it can be used strategically for businesses. Businesses all over the world have recognized the importance of incorporating social media into their marketing strategies, and MBA programs have begun to react accordingly. The problem that many employers are facing is that many students enrolled in the MBA programs are knowledgeable about social media, but they lack the experience of using it in a business setting. That is what these MBA programs are trying to correct.

Many MBA programs are not only teaching students how to properly use social media for business, but also using it to teach. This is especially prevalent when classes only meet once every few weeks. In order to keep students in touch, professors encourage web chatting tools and various other social media outlets to continue the learning process. Another increasingly common practice is for professors to encourage live posting during classes. This allows students to post opinions, relevant articles, or comments while the lecture is going on. It is a great interactive tool that helps to reinforce the lessons being taught.

There is no doubt that it is essential for MBA programs to stay on top of business trends. The programs that have adopted social media classes into their curriculum are doing just that. What other ways have you seen the latest trends incorporated into education?

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