A massive project to renovate the Democratic Republic of Congo’s broken-down railway network has been launched in the capital city of Kinshasa. Most of the rail track in Congo was laid more than 100 years ago, so repairs and improvements are huge necessities. Costing a total of $600 million, this project is being backed by China and the World Bank with an estimated completion time of four years. The major goal for the revamped rail system is to restore services to provinces where rail is the only connection to the rest of the world in the absence of roadway and river transportation. This project has huge implications for businesses and bordering countries looking to trade with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On top of providing many jobs for people in Congo, the railway project is creating a vital transportation system in a country the size of Western Europe that lacks roads across its lands. With a new rail system in place, companies can benefit enormously as they will be able to move their products more quickly and efficiently throughout the country. More goods from neighboring countries will become available for consumers in Congo at a much lower price because of the newly renovated railway. Additionally, officials hope the new rail system will help the country solve its financial problems and help boost the economy. A working train system will also open up the center of the country and allow other parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo to develop.

A quick, efficient, and safe transportation system is key for countries looking to develop and enhance business growth across its borders. With the railway project underway, the Democratic Republic of Congo is taking a step in the right direction to further develop business practices in its region. As the new railway system moves toward completion, look for increased international and local business activity in a country eager for growth.

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