Most African economies are known for their valuable commodities like oil, copper, and gas. But as of late, countries in Africa are adding a new focus to their economies with technology innovation. Countries throughout the continent have acknowledged technology as a key component in the battle to boost prosperity. This has sparked a technology revolution in a continent with high ambitions.

South Africa, Africa’s largest economy, is a major contender in becoming home to a massive deep space telescope project called Square Kilometer Array. If South Africa is able to beat off competition from Australia, its aerospace industry would experience remarkable growth. This would be the largest science-based capital investment Africa has ever had. South Africa’s economy would benefit greatly from this investment as new jobs would be created with a new cutting edge sector.

The country of Kenya is increasing business technology by producing a generation of innovators. Many projects are underway to complete this ambitious objective. A project called m:lab aims to develop talented mobile application designers. Successful mobile device development is key for countries in Africa. The mobile device is relatively cheap compared to other technology and can be used in places where there is no infrastructure like power. The many technology education projects in Kenya encourage innovators to focus on demand driven applications so they can generate sustainable businesses.

The technology revolution is not only happening in Kenya. Developers in Ghana are designing applications designed to reflect local needs. One company in Accra, Ghana is generating profit by using technology to boost the prospects of other businesses. Their website is called ShopAfrica53 and is similar to a “web-mall”. The site advertises goods and services from a large range of small businesses in Ghana. Even the smallest and most remote operators in Africa now have access to the international market.

Across the continent, countries in Africa have made it known that technology is increasingly important in creating viable businesses and changing the lives of its people. The rise of technology in Africa provides businesses with a great opportunity to develop and become a long lasting power in providing goods and services to the people of Africa.

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