While the global economy has been slowly improving, it is still not back to where most would like it to be – especially for those out of work looking for jobs. The good news is fewer positions are being cut, and more people are choosing to leave jobs on their own. Still, for every open position, there are several candidates out of work. This puts the power in the hands of the hiring managers. In this intensely competitive environment, it is important to set yourself apart.

The hard economic times can often lead job seekers to sound desperate or over eager, be sure to display passion and work ethic without trying too hard. Be sure to do your homework – know what the company is about, and be prepared to ask intelligent questions. Take control of the interview by asking unique questions, discovering how you could fit into the company, and figuring out what the interviewer is looking for. This will help you to put your best foot forward, and leave a positive impression.

Emphasize your ability to work in a diverse workplace. Team work has always been a skill hiring managers look for, but it is more important now that you can work with all types of people. It is likely that the co-workers you will interact with will be very different from you; maybe they speak other languages, have different educational backgrounds, or are even from different countries. Showcasing your ability to adapt to these different styles is essential.

One survey says that volunteering improves your chances of being hired. Volunteering is important to many companies and certainly deserves a space on any candidates resume. Almost half of respondents to a LinkedIn survey say that volunteer experience holds equal importance as paid work for potential new hires. If you are between jobs, possibly look into volunteering part time. Not only is it great for your community, it shows potential employers that you have compassion and concern for others.

While many jobs are still being cut, outsourced, or reduced to part time, there are some niche industries that are still on the rise. When applying for jobs focus on growth industries. Areas such as healthcare, social media, and green energy are all seeing an increase in demand.

For those of you who have found jobs recently or handle the hiring process, what tips would you give job seekers? For those who are in the process of looking for jobs, what have you found most challenging?

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