While many governments are trying to help unemployed workers find jobs in the domestic marketplace, the government of Bangladesh is implementing systems to make it easier for their citizens to seek employment abroad in countries overseas. This offers many advantages for the economy and also provides opportunities for the people of Bangladesh. Workers from Bangladesh living abroad earn large amounts of foreign currency for the country. By helping citizens in Bangladesh find work overseas, the government hopes it will also provide more opportunities for young citizens of Bangladesh struggling to find employment at home. To do this, the government has simplified the process for citizens working abroad using business technology.

Workers looking for a job in a foreign country can now put their personal information on a website managed by the Bangladeshi government. A worker's curriculum vitae, national ID number, qualifications, and passport number are stored on the site and can be accessed in other countries. Foreign employers can view this information directly which cuts out the middlemen and provides an efficient process for the registration of international workers. With the middlemen eliminated from the business model, migrant workers can easily and cheaply register for foreign employment. This government website is also being used as a job search database designed to match unemployed workers with foreign employers in the country they desire to work in. Connections abroad have developed as a result of the system with over seven million Bangladeshi citizens already working overseas.

Millions of people in Bangladesh depend on money sent by relatives working in other countries abroad. Therefore, helping citizens of Bangladesh find work abroad is a major priority for the government. The money generated overseas has also helped to lift many people out of poverty in Bangladesh the past 20 years. The government hopes to continue to promote foreign employment and the new business technology will allow it to accomplish this goal.

It will be interesting to see if other developing countries create a system similar to Bangladesh for employing workers overseas. Promoting international employment has had beneficial effects for the Bangladeshi economy thus far and has also provided many opportunities for its citizens. With globalization increasing, workers finding jobs overseas may become a typical trend for many people in Bangladesh and around the world in the years to come.

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