With Turkey’s location serving as a natural bridge between Asia and Europe, it’s no surprise that Turkey plays an important role in international trade. In fact, this is one of the key reasons why Turkey’s emerging economy is having major impacts on the region and international business. However, this is not the only reason why Turkey is becoming a regional power in today’s business world. The emergence of Turkey has been a positive development for a number of reasons and Turkey is looking to capitalize on this success by striving for continued economic growth.

One of the firsts reasons accounting for Turkey’s success is the fact that Turkey is a democracy that promotes equality among its citizens which has made the growth a free-market possible. Turkey has also been involved in creating peace in the region rather than create conflicts. This has allowed Turkey to build relations with other countries including Israel and Syria. With Turkey’s regional prominence, Turkey has also been able to play the role of a diplomat between Middle Eastern nations and governments in the western world. The stable and peaceful environment of Turkey has served as a basis making economic growth a true reality for Turkey.

Years of reform and investment friendly policies have also transformed Turkey’s economy into a major producer of consumer goods. Turkey’s emergence as an economic power has caught the attention of the United States as Turkey has been named one of the seven priority markets under the U.S. National Export Initiative. To find out more about Turkey check out the video below where Michael Lally of the U.S. Commercial Service gives a market brief of Turkey and explains some of the reasons Turkey is a great place for conducting business.

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