Doug Barry, an expert in small business exportation, recently teamed up with Jim Blasingame of “The Small Business Advocate Website” in three interviews regarding the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.  These interviews focus on exporting and doing business in these four countries and the many opportunities that are available in these countries in the business sector.

The first interview, titled “Export opportunities in the BRIC countries”, explains what the BRIC countries are and introduces various exporting opportunities in these countries.  Exportation in these countries is very valuable and this interview provides the necessary information of how this is achievable. 

Barry’s second interview is titled “First small business exporting steps in the BRIC companies” and explains the importance of having in-country distribution partners and how this can greatly improve export success by cutting out the lengthy customs process. 

Doing business in the BRIC countries online” is the title of the third interview, and in it Doug Barry and Jim Blasingame talk about the various opportunities and issues that go along with the pioneer idea of doing business online in the BRIC countries. 

Hopefully you enjoyed the interviews and found them informative and worthwhile.  We encourage you to share your comments and thoughts about the interviews.

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