Ten years have passed since the end of Angola’s civil war and the country has made enormous strides in rebuilding its once struggling economy. This year Angola’s economy is expected grow by eight percent as it becomes the second biggest producer of oil in Africa. One of the main effects of this rapid economic growth is the boom in infrastructure development. In the capital city of Luanda, the skyline is now filled with newly-built skyscrapers and each month more businesses are beginning to populate the area. Economic growth is beginning to transform Angola into a country filled with business opportunities, but how does Angola expect to sustain this economic growth in the years to come?

It may be surprising to hear that Angola plans to sustain infrastructure and economic by going mobile. Angola is in the process of getting high-speed 4G services and once this mobile project is completed, Angola will be ahead of Europe and many parts of the United States in terms of mobile technology. Thanks to a 100 million dollar mobile project consumers and businesses in Angola will enjoy faster mobile download speeds than their counterparts in London. With this project and others, Angola has stressed the importance of having the best technology in order to support economic development. Perhaps more importantly, this mobile technology project underscores the significance of the need for fast communication and instantaneous information gathering in today’s non-stop connected world.

To succeed in this mobile development project, Angola has turned to China for help. Mobile companies have partnered with Chinese businesses which will provide all the equipment. These businesses in China will manufacture the equipment and also help upgrade Angola’s entire mobile system. In a globalized world, Angola is capitalizing on opportunity by using international business practices to partner with companies in another country. This partnership is very important for Angola if it wishes to sustain economic growth through technological expansion. As Angola builds for the future, it seems clear that telecommunication and technology will play a crucial role in revolutionizing the nation’s fortunes.

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