Even in rural areas, people from around the world are beginning to embrace the practicality and convenience of the internet and cell phones. In Charkhai, Bangladesh, the mother of three who needed surgery was able to use mobile internet to schedule an appointment in the capital city, Dhaka, about 140 miles away.

Outlying rural communities in some of the world’s most impoverished areas have finally begun to receive exposure to internet, which has been connected over different cell phones. The emergence of internet centers have made internet access to a much wider variety of people in these areas.

The incident regarding the Bangladeshi mother highlights the fact that, despite bugs, glitches, and flaws, technology helps people in a positive way. But what does it mean for the business world?

Since Bangladeshi people can download music, apply for jobs, view online encyclopedias and other informative resources, and even take classes, the way has been opened for an educational revolution in Bangladesh, as well as other developing nations. By using technology to advance their infrastructure, countries such as Bangladesh can begin rising to prominence on the global business stage.

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