In the midst of an autumn season consisting of changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and new webpage releases from globalEDGE, the brand new country government pages have now officially been published! The intention of redesigning the former government pages was not only to provide key information and data in a user-friendly format, but to highlight the aspects of foreign governments that are the most important with regards to international business as well. With this in mind, the new pages include "Government Control of Economy" and "Political Risk" indicators, general tax information, and also information on foreign policy trends, regional trade bloc memberships, and security treaties that have been shown to affect a country's global commerce policies. Furthermore, the pages also include information on the main powers of foreign governments, election processes and cycles of a country's political branches, and information on a country's heads of state and government, constitution, and government type.

Check out the new country government pages by visiting the government section of any country on globalEDGE!

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