This week’s blog series on the global e-commerce industry displayed the many benefits and trends within this rapidly growing industry. However, implementing a global e-commerce strategy can be a difficult and challenging task. These challenges can be overcome with resources right here on globalEDGE. To assist in the implementation of e-commerce on both a country-specific and global level, globalEDGE has a variety of useful tools and resources. Today we will a look at many of these resources.

  • globalEDGE has an online course module titled “Going Online: E-Exporting Tools for Small Businesses.” This module was created alongside the U.S. Commercial Service to outline the steps needed to export products online. It also has a guide to determine your company’s e-commerce readiness and provides case study examples.
  • In the globalEDGE Global Resource Directory, there is a section dedicated to trade tutorials. Resources in this section provide information on how to trade products in new markets. Trade tutorials in this section often address e-commerce strategies for exporting. Specifically, the “Going Global: A Guide for e-Commerce Expansion” resource provides an interactive tutorial providing information on e-commerce implementation.
  • The globalEDGE County Comparator Tool allows users to compare countries across a variety of economic indicators. This resource can allow users to find attractive markets for e-commerce activities. Overall, this tool can give users a macro-level view of the market to determine the potential level of e-commerce success.
  • For even more details on a country’s market condition, visit the globalEDGE Country Insight pages. These pages provide background, trade statistics, economic data, and government information for each country. These facts can be used to understand the business environment for your country of interest in terms of e-commerce execution.

Resources on globalEDGE provide a vast amount of knowledge that can assist in the implementation of an e-commerce strategy. A simple search for “e-commerce” on globalEDGE might even provide the desired information. We hope you enjoyed our Global E-Commerce blog series and have all the information you need to be successful in understanding the dynamic e-commerce industry. Be sure to check out the other posts in the Global E-Commerce Series!

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