Understanding the short-term and long-term economic fluctuations is important for businesses all around the world. The global economy influences all businesses regardless of their location. To better understand these trends within the global economy, there are numerous ways to expand your knowledge base. One of these ways is the 2013 Coface Country Risk Meeting taking place on Thursday, May 2nd in New York City. This conference includes a panel of economists and business leaders that will discuss the short-term economic outlook for 2013. During the conference, there was also be an in-depth analysis on today’s rapidly growing regions and the world’s economic power bases. To register for this year’s event or to obtain more details, please visit the 2013 Coface Country Risk Meeting registration site!

Coface also provides globalEDGE with a very useful resource for those interested in international business. Every country listed on globalEDGE has a specific Coface risk page associated with it. These country risk pages assess the risk of doing business in the country and also rates its business climate. Strengths and weaknesses of each particular country is also provided. Be sure to check out our country risk pages by following this link and selecting a country of your choice!

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