Although sending emails is an efficient form of communication for some tasks, bosses are prompting employees to make a phone call when appropriate.  Some managers have gone as far to say that emailing instead of calling can hurt business, hinder creativity, and delay projects.  This issue is especially common among the Millennials, a group defined by people born between 1981 and the early 2000s.  A common belief is that this generation is so accustomed to texting, emailing, and communicating via social media that many of its members are inept at communicating on the phone or in person. 

Ms. Baxter, a publisher at Metro Guide Publishing in Nova Scotia, is convinced that emails will not cut it in the sales profession.  She claims that it is much more difficult to develop rapport with potential clients using email as the method of communication.  Baxter cited a recent example of a mix-up about an anticipated sale that could have been avoided if the sales team member had just called the client.

On the other hand, there are times when making a phone call is not the best way to communicate.  This is often the case for companies that have operations in different parts of the world.  Because of time differences, it is not always feasible to call another associate who is stationed half way around the world.

For in-depth issues, where deep discussion is necessary, a phone call is the best option.  The presence of voice tone and the ability to easily clarify misconceptions and confusing issues gives talking on the phone a serious edge over emailing.  This is especially true for a business that operates on a global scale.  Language and cultural misunderstandings that may arise can be solved more efficiently on the phone, and damaged relationships can be more easily avoided.  Jason Nazar, a California based technology entrepreneur offers this advice, “If you can do something more quickly and more efficiently by using older technology, then do it.”

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