In the near future, Mountain View, CA. based Google is planning to introduce the GDrive. What this device will do is allow the user to access their personal files and operating system from any internet connection. So, in essence, no more data loss from crashes, no need for flash drives, no need for storage space on emails, etc. Sounds pretty convenient, right? It's affordable as well. With the release of the GDrive, consumers will no longer need to purchase bulky desktop computers, or purchase additional storage space. All the storage will be done on Google’s servers. Seattle based also offers a similar service called the Simple Storage Service - in both the United States and Eurpoe. And we can probably expect more of these services to appear in the future.

The implications of this on the international business world are powerful. Companies would be able to conduct business from anywhere in the world, given the proper laptop computer or handheld device. Employees wouldn't even need a building to work in, or a desk to work at. Businesses could focus on results and cut their administrative costs greatly while improving efficiency. The microchip revolutionized the business world, but something tells me that technology has only just begun to change the way we do business in the 21st century!

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