Under the new economic classification section of globalEDGE, the emerging markets classification has an abundance of resources to offer to users. These resources range from internally generated indices to Bloomberg’s Emerging Markets News site.

Taking a deeper look into some of the emerging market resources provided, we first look at the MSU-CIBER: Market Potential Index (MPI). The MPI is an internally generated study performed annually by MSU-CIBER. This resource is extremely useful for companies that want to evaluate rankings of emerging markets. Emerging market countries are ranked and scored on the following factors: market intensity, market consumption capacity, economic freedom, and country risk. Check out this resource for more information and to start using the index to help plan for your business.

Another useful resource on globalEDGE’s emerging markets page is Bloomberg’s Emerging Markets News site. This section of the site from Bloomberg has emerging market specific news, videos, and photos. Access to this site allows users to stay up to date on the latest happenings in a multitude of emerging market countries.

A final resource to highlight that has great importance for businesses who currently do business in emerging markets or aspire to do so in the future is the Emerging Markets Trade Association (EMTA). EMTA is the main trade group for emerging markets with an overall goal of promoting and integrating emerging markets into the global market. This is a valuable resource for international businesses, and through globalEDGE, users are provided with a direct link to the webpage. From here companies can become members of the organization and take advantage of all the benefits EMTA has to offer.

There are many other emerging market resources not highlighted in this post that provide great value to any business or user. Make sure to check out the Emerging Markets economic classification page on globalEDGE to have access to these valuable resources, as well as a magnitude of emerging market statistics and rankings. 

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