A recent survey done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that employees who who went into work while sick were 53 percent more likely to take a sick leave of two weeks or more and 74 percent more likely to take a sick leave of two months or more.

The study examined about 12,000 working-age people in Denmark. Some common features of those who went into work sick were poor general health, a heavy workload, work-family conflicts, a good level of social support, holding a senior position and obesity. The report concluded that taking off short periods of time when sick can help people deal with the stresses of work. Sickness and stress could, and likely does, vary greatly among different countries.

The moral of the story for both the small business owner who deals with employees and the small business owner with no employees is to be aware of the health and stress levels of both one's employees and one's self. Making sure that you and your employees are of sound body and mind will undoubtedly increase productivity in the workplace.

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