A recent report done by Small Business Trends highlights the top 10 global small business trends to look for in 2009:

1. Disruptive innovation will be both the coolest and hottest new growth strategy in 2009 because it will transcend all boundaries and transform businesses.

2. dotMobi (a top-level domain approved by and managed by the mTLD global registry and dedicated to delivering the Internet to mobile devices via the Mobile Web) will take global root in 2009.

3. Diverse global business partnerships will shine and outperform those businesses that don’t make these critical alliances.

4. Exporting (from the USA) will prevail in the first quarter of ‘09 and might start to strengthen later in the year.

5. Twitter will replace the “call me” statement with “Twitter me” due to technology, convenience and time constraints.

6. Entrepreneurs and small businesses will learn, if they haven’t already, everything there is to know about how to take a business global.

7. Optimism will fuel global small businesses that have the guts to press on, even in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

8. Women entrepreneurs will rule the global marketplace.

9. Trusted crowds will become profitable clouds.

10. Green and global are a marriage made in heaven because everyone wants to save the world.

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