Companies worldwide are expressing concerns because about 77% of employees have Facebook accounts and more than half access it during work hours. This decreases productivity by 1.5%. Are employees simply wasting time on the website or is there a better reason for it?

A decade ago it was typical for employees to take an hour long lunch break. Five years ago, the average businessman said he takes a 45 minute break. Last year lunch time was down to 35 minutes. With the global recession and companies keeping less employees, there is more work per employee, which ultimately leads to less time for lunch breaks. Some managers who have been surveyed admit that there are days when they work during their lunch hour in order to be able to finish their tasks. Are employesses cutting on physical breaks and taking visual ones on Facebook instead?

Also, this poses another question concerning productivity. One can certainly blame Facebook, but can we have employees to work nonstop for eight or more hours without a break and expect them to keep high productivity levels? Certainly not. It is important that employees have enough time for a break during any workday so that they can focus more easily on their tasks. Thus they will be more productive and have better and more innovative ideas. Breaks are essential and both employees and employers need to make sure that they are using their lunch break time well.

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