As a result of corporate scandals such as oil spills, carbon emissions, and injured workers, technology—more specifically social media—is putting pressure on companies to clean up their act.

Scrolling through daily news sites or even social media offers unique insight into the public's view of current companies. Most often, it is negative occurrences that take the spotlight, putting the company in question under the microscope. Because we are entering a time of internet transparency, the public is not just hoping companies will do the right thing, they are expecting it. Social media is helping to spread the word of companies righting their wrongs, as well as addressing issues head-on in customer service type approaches through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This new level of virtual transparency has helped companies form bonds with consumers like never before. Furthermore, by addressing concerns publicly, it helps to silence potential skepticism.

The internet is being used more than simply calling out companies missteps. Social media is making companies want to get involved and be more socially responsible. Therefore, more and more companies are offering up their expertise to help better the community. There are virtual middle-men connecting eager companies to volunteer opportunities, whether it be offering services the company provides or man power the company possesses. Company involvement could be a tech company helping a local food bank to deliver goods more efficiently, or a clothing store donating left over winter wear to the homeless. In this generation, consumers love a company that stands for something they can stand behind. Technology has helped make responsibility and sustainability much more important for many company business models.

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