With all the growth in the logistics industries, “several companies are racing to develop airships they hope will transform air travel.” Amazon, for example, has struggled keeping up with the high demand, especially with Prime members who get free two day shipping. Using airplanes to transport items will significantly increase the company’s shipping speed and help Amazon continue to grow.

In efforts to increase its shipping efficiency, Amazon has started testing airfreight in Wilmington for its new program called Amazon Air. The people of Wilmington look forward to Amazon opening its operations in hopes that it will bring more jobs. Aside from Amazon, several other companies such as PRL and Straightline have been teaming up with airship companies to start their conversion to air shipping. Airplane, helicopters and even blimps are some of the airships that companies have been investing in.

Not only are the companies using airships to transport cargo, but some are also planning to ship people. Although the airships will have weather and other limitations, critics predict that they will save money in the long run. Companies are looking at air-cargo as a way to boost their online marketplace and “fields of tech-driven shipping startups [are] buying databases of air-cargo rates to fill [the] gap in [their] new online marketplaces.”

To help manage growing freight-transportation networks, companies have branched out to team up with other companies in order to boost their growth and customer satisfaction. This new innovation in flight transportation will not only help boost the economy, but it will also allow many businesses to work together and create new jobs.

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