This week, the globalEDGE blog is taking a look at international marketing and its implications for businesses, in a five part series. For companies conducting business in several countries, a strong marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial, connecting the brand with ideas about the company, such as trust or innovation. An effective strategy can bring about cost savings and introduce competitive advantages, which can be crucial for a company attempting to move into new markets.

One of the biggest advantages of a unified marketing strategy is the economies of scale that can be attained with a singular strategy. A single marketing team can be used for operations around the world, which makes management of the company’s brand much easier. If the company’s brand is setup well, expansion to new countries becomes much easier, with minimal new costs. Another advantage of marketing internationally is demonstrated in studies showing that consumers trust products sold in several countries compared to products only sold locally.

Additional blog posts will follow this week that will look at more specific issues within international marketing. Stay tuned to the globalEDGE blog to learn more about building a global brand, the challenges of marketing internationally, marketing in the digital age, and global marketing success stories.

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