Medical breakthroughs have sparked the rise of the robotics industry in the arena of medicine. Through technological advancements, robots have been gaining popularity. There are various types of robots, some are made for personal assistance or social use, but they have seen the most significant growth and evolution in industrial automation. Companies in China have been on the rise to implement the use of robotics in the medical industry to develop new products and to meet consumer demands in order to keep up with medical advancements.

Just in the past year, “more than 40 Chinese hospitals had installed over 50 surgical robots for fulfilling” 22,917 cases of surgery cumulatively. These robots can perform a variety of services in the medical profession. In Chinese hospitals, medical robots are used for surgery, transport, care, rescue, rehabilitation, and even dispensing for the sick and the wounded. In efforts to grow their economy and initiate competition in its medical industry, Chinese companies have started producing their own medical robotic products.

Although, an American company called Intuitive Surgical takes a leading role in the medical robotics industry with their da Vinci® robotic-assisted products, China has made a notable progress “with the support of the national policies and subsidies”. In the past, China has been dependent upon da Vinci® product imports and has made recent attempts to shift away from the reliability on the United States imports in order to make their own medical industry advancements.

According to PR Newswire, “due to low technical barriers and good market prospects, many Chinese enterprises have gotten involved in rehabilitation robot and dispensing robot fields and aggressive industrialization of these products”. Because the cost of making specialized and intelligent robots is significantly high, many companies end up spending large sums of money on robots that do not turn out to be as proficient. Robotics business requires intellectuals who can allocate their money to make the best and most efficient robot. This is one of the reasons why the robotics industry is growing so slowly, but Chinese companies have proven to approach this industry determined to keep up with industrialization and to achieve new medical advancements.

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