By now, everyone has heard of virtual reality (VR). For the past decade, scientists and engineers have tried to improve this technology to be more user-friendly and affordable. Companies around the world are all investing in this "next big thing". Thanks to their hard work, VR has become not just something in fantasy movies but also a technology that can be used in daily life.

Virtual reality is a technology that creates a simulated environment by viewing a screen inside a headset. When viewers wear the headset, they see what is being displayed on the screen. With audio and vibrant visuals that move with you, it feels like as if you were physically there. Currently, the leading producers of VR come from China and the United States. The travel industry wanted to experiment with VR too, hoping to increase tourist numbers and raise awareness of attractions.

Travel customers can benefit from VR as well. From small things like booking a hotel room to big decisions like travel destinations, VR can help customers choose what will best suit their interests. Instead of looking at pictures of a hotel, they can actually experience the room by taking a virtual, 365 degrees tour. On the other hand, VR benefits attractions just as much as customers. Potential visitors can experience the city, feel its culture and vibe before committing. This ensures a high-quality, enjoyable trip. For example, in Canada, users can experience the Great Bear Rainforest with views of the glacier, coastlines, and alpines. These phenomenal views provide a great way to relax and experience places that you might want to visit in the future.

This technology has been referred to by some researchers as "digital teleportation", and is the end goal for many developers. It will reinvent how we experience and see the world. VR has enormous potential and room for growth. According to recent research, the market is expected to increase from $7.9 billion last year to $44.7 billion by 2024. Investors are gathering worldwide to discuss its profitability and potential. Without a doubt, this emerging market will provide users with accessibility and ease.

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