This week marks the end of the Michigan State University Spring 2023 semester, which also closes another school year in the books for the globalEDGE blog team. globalEDGE Blogs will take a break from its regular schedule throughout the summer months, anticipating returning in September 2023.

This summer, our team members will be traveling, studying, and completing internships or full-time positions, all in the earnest pursuit of furthering our understanding of international business, which will be put to good use this Fall when globalEDGE Blogs returns.

We have two globalEDGE blog team members graduating this semester. Below is a short description of each, with a link to their blogs, if you want to see their work throughout the years.

Mallory Johnson, graduating with a B.A. in Supply Chain Management and a minor in Information Technology & Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Read Mallory’s blogs here.

Valerie McNamara, myself, graduating with two degrees, the first is a B.A. in International Relations with a Spanish minor, and the second is a B.A. in Marketing. Read Valerie’s blogs here.


We have three graduating, visiting authors as well:

Max Schneider, graduating with a B.A. in Supply Chain Management and a minor in International Business and Economics. Read Max’s blogs here.

Parker David, graduating with a B.A. in Supply Chain Management. Read Parker’s blogs here.

Abrielle Matibag, graduating with a B.A. in Social Relations and Policy and a minor in Business. Read Abrielle’s blogs here.


It is a pleasure to pass on blog manager responsibilities to the next globalEDGE blog team. We hope our readers continue to enjoy other areas of the globalEDGE website in the summer months, and we are excited to return this Fall!

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