A couple of years ago, customers were delighted because they were able to order products online from their living rooms. It is easy to compare prices and products online using different websites.
Now, the way we shop is changing once again. Companies are not waiting for shoppers to find them; instead they are approaching people online using social media such as facebook and twitter. Imagine just making a post whether to buy a new car or not, and an offer to test drive a car is sent to you in your mail box. This is one way GM is trying to gain more customers.

Instead of consumers lining up for companies, companies are lining up for consumers. This way customers can express their needs and wants and companies reach out and find the best way to help them. It is a strategy that is proving beneficial to business because it establishes credibility. Also, consumers are noticing that companies are paying more attention to what they are saying. 

Building a relationship with customers is what makes them loyal. It is important for companies to understand consumer needs and wants so that they can provide them with the best product or service. The social Web is making this easier than ever and the early adopters are already benefitting from it.

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