Looking for a new place to expand your business? Why not Peru? It has become apparent that U.S. exports to Peru are getting simpler and simpler. The U.S.–Peru Trade Promotion Agreement that was signed a few years ago has really expanded the opportunities for U.S. businesses in Peru. With this agreement, many goods can be shipped into Peru duty-free. The certificates of origin and other forms are also becoming more uniform to make exporting easier and simpler.

Some may worry that because of the high poverty rates, there are not a lot of business opportunities in Peru. This is not the case. Peru's economy continues to grow about 9% per year. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of poverty, but there is also a lot of potential in this expanding economy. Their oil and gas sector, and the telecommunications sector are both showing rapid growth.

The U.S. is currently exporting a lot of high-tech products to Peru; but that is not all. Many other industries are having success in Peru as well. Local businesses are very comfortable working with foreigners, and are eager to do business. So if you are looking to export, Peru could be the place for you!

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