As the world is becoming more globalized, there has been a change towards internationalization in the food and beverage industry as well.
Traveling abroad for business is an essential part for many professionals. Also, since business men and women from different parts of the world work together on many occasions, it is only natural that they share and spread different cultures. This is very strongly pronounced in the way taste preferences around the globe have changed.

For example, fast food restaurants, mostly part of U.S. culture, have expanded over the years and can be found in every part of the world. This trend has become known as "McDonaldization" due to the popularity of the chain.

Another example is the popularity of French cuisine which has had an enormous influence on the world food market. French foods and drinks are known in every country due to the large volume of French exports. French champagne and wine are a preference for many, French deli meats and chocolates are preferred in Europe, croissants are loved in North America, and oysters and escargots in Asia.

Sushi has seen a massive growth in popularity as well as many other Asian dishes. Travelers from all over the world can go almost anywhere and find their home country's cuisine. Moreover, they can be adventurous, try something new, and bring their experience back home contributing to the internationalization of food.

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