The Africa-France Summit held this week has brought up some wonderful opportunities for international business professionals. Many countries around the world have been looking to Africa for new business opportunities. The continent has vast natural resources and a lot of potential for growth in infrastructure that makes it appealing to foreign investors. Many African countries are now attempting to encourage France to invest in these growing areas.

One African country in particular has been seeking out France as a potential business partner. Mozambique has expressed that they would like to encourage France to invest in their upcoming projects. They consider it to be a win-win option because it will help Mozambique to increase revenue while providing returns for the French investors. The president of Mozambique is disappointed in the current level of trade between the two countries and would like to improve the business relationship. They are looking for countries to invest in an international airport that is being built as well as other transportation projects. This will help to increase tourism, and improve the efficiency of transporting goods in the country. This will help them achieve access to the vast natural resources that Mozambique already has, such as titanium, coal and oil.

Mozambique is certainly not the only African country that would like France to invest. There are so many opportunities in Africa with dozens of developing countries hoping to grow internationally. France needs to move quickly if it wants to become a primary investor in Africa as China, India, Brazil and the United States continue to grow their presence in these small countries. There is so much potential in Africa, whoever invests there will certainly grow their international presence as they continue to expand.

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