France has recently made great strides to increase its exports to Latin America. With globalization taking the international business world by storm, many French companies have begun to look for opportunities outside of its close neighbors in Europe. This has caused them to turn to Latin America. This means more business opportunities for French companies and more jobs for South Americans.

France has been seeking opportunities in various emerging markets around the world. China is of course a popular option, but France actually has twice as much invested in Brazil as they do in China. In fact, 35 of the top 40 publicly traded companies in France are already doing business in Brazil. There are hundreds of French companies in Brazil that have created over 400,000 jobs!

France and Brazil have begun to work together in the growing aerospace industry as well as many other sectors. The two countries have been able to connect both politically and commercially through the aerospace industry. But Brazil is not the only country that France has invested in. France has made moves in China, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia and Peru as well. This has led to more exporting opportunities for French companies hoping to expand.

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