As a second-year MBA student, I am constantly scanning the internet for articles and opinions about the future hiring prospects of people who earn a graduate degree in business. I recently came across a particularly interesting opinion about veterans of the Israeli army. The article asserted that veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) not only have skills for combat, but are equipped to address everyday problems of regular consumers. Many of these veterans are valued for their strong values and ethics in the private sector. So, how is the MBA viewed out there in the international community? Is it worth the time and money?

After a quick google search “Value of an MBA”, I discovered that there is a strong skepticism of the degree. In fact, some articles argued that an MBA is just simply a delay for young professionals to enter into the real world. Clearly, I disagree with this statement, but I also see how graduate education in business does not necessarily certify that an individual is prepared to take on the challenges of a managerial role.

In the IDF, soldiers are trained to work as a team, challenge superiors and present new ideas. In many MBA programs, students are challenged with difficult team assignments, complicated subject matter and heavy workloads. Regardless of the background of a soldier or a student, the demands of the workplace do not change. An individual must be prepared to perform and demonstrate that he or she can add value. Being a veteran of the IDF or an MBA graduate can give a great leg up to get the first job, but after that, results must follow.

To consider the international aspects of an MBA, I can personally attest to the strong presence of international students that come from all over the world. Over 30% of my MBA class is comprised of international students. To me, this demonstrates that the degree not only holds value in the United States, but allows individuals to gather knowledge and skills which are accepted universally. The MBA degree is an excellent option for individuals who seek to elevate their ability to attack difficult problems with confidence, regardless where they are from or where they are going.

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