India, being known as a country inclined to new technology, has added yet another innovation to its inventory—a talking newspaper advertisement. When readers opened to the last page of a popular Indian newspaper, a voice began to talk resembling a radio commercial. The source for this surprising advertisement was a light-sensitive, voice activated chip that encouraged readers and listeners alike to buy a new Volkswagen sedan. Weighing only one ounce, this paper-thin chip is a groundbreaking design. This “talking newspaper” can change the way print media is viewed and provides businesses a new way to communicate their messages with customers.

Marketing experts are already talking about how this new innovation can be used by other brands and aspects of print media. This new technology can be applied to headlines, special reports, sport recaps, weather reports, reviews and maybe even entire articles. The media and communications industry can be greatly affected by this technological improvement to printed media.

Businesses can also benefit from this innovative advertising technique. The audio used by this technology can be made available in different languages allowing advertisement gains for global businesses selling their products and services to countries all around the world. It may even be possible for a single advertisement to be offered in multiple languages for the reader/listener to choose. Additionally, the spoken advertisement also provides an expressive human voice to display the company’s passion for their product. These capabilities would allow businesses to deliver effective and efficient advertisements locally as well as internationally.

Despite being in its early stages, there is no doubt that this innovation has notable potential in the marketing world. Only time will tell the many effects of this cutting-edge advertising method.

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