Today, business trips are common for many employees as modern transportation allows people to travel around the world quite easily. Hotels are a critical component in the business trip process and play a major role in accommodating business travelers. With this responsibility, hotels are looking to provide comfort to the many business travelers that are expected to keep up with their workloads on the road. Businesses in the hospitality and travel industry are changing their strategy to satisfy their hard working customers. You may have a guess to what this new strategy may be—remodeled lobbies and bars, more comfortable beds, or luxurious restaurants? Actually the answer is rather simple. Hotels are now accommodating business travelers with a redesigned workspace in hotel rooms.

The notion for this strategy is that as companies increase the amount of work on business trips, the primary need for business travelers would be a comfortable space to work. Customer research has also shown that a better workspace was among the most requested improvements in hotel rooms. In a period of reduced capital expenditures, hotels are finding workspace improvements as cost efficient while also fulfilling the needs of customers. These enhancements can also be done in phases, another added benefit. So now you may be wondering about the specifications of these redesigned workspaces.

Hotels are revamping workspaces by installing bigger desks with sliding modules to increase the amount of surface area. The work chairs for these stations are also being improved. An adjustable chair with wheels and lumbar support are the ideal characteristics. Another upgrade to the hotel room workspace is the convenient placement of electrical outlets. Outlets are now more accessible and plentiful for the guests who carry multiple electronic devices including phones and laptops. Lighting improvements are also being added to the newly designed workstations. In many hotel rooms, the workplace is now becoming the centerpiece of the room.

With international business trips becoming more prominent, hotels around the world are implementing the new strategy of the redesigned workspace. American hotel brands have been quick to apply the workspace upgrade in their rooms. However, other countries are not far behind. Some travelers who frequently fly overseas say hotels in Europe have been slower to offer office-like amenities than their American counterparts. European companies will look to change this in the future.

As the hotel industry continues to adapt to the needs of its customers, new strategies will continue to develop. But for now, hotels look to cash in with the redesigned workspace strategy.

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