There are many widely known benefits to exhibiting at a tradeshow. You are able to market your product, network and, ideally, generate new business for your company. Unfortunately, however, tradeshows are notorious for being costly. As Forbes contributor, Brent Gleeson, put it, “planning and goal setting is critical to generating a positive ROI from your tradeshow investment." Food Export – Midwest’s Food Show PLUS! program helps companies to do just that. Through its various services, Food Show PLUS! ensures that major international tradeshows are utilized to their full potential by assisting companies in the areas of research, preparation and translation. It is also possible for companies to apply for the Branded Program which offers up to a 50% reimbursement for several expenses related to exhibiting at international tradeshows. If you are considering introducing your products to foreign markets, Food Show PLUS! can give you the tools you need to find success.

There are Food Show PLUS! services to help you at every step of your tradeshow experience. Proper preparation before a tradeshow is a crucial element to marketing your product effectively. Food Show PLUS! offers product research relating to pricing, import regulation and competitor analysis. Invitations to your booth will be sent out to qualified potential buyers and one-on-one meetings will be arranged. You will even have access to an in-market briefing and local industry tours (along with an optional visit to a secondary market before or after the show). From there, you can better determine who your target market is and how to reach out to them. To offset the potential language barrier, other services are provided to translate your company and product information into the local language in addition to providing you with a food industry interpreter at the tradeshow. Should you need further help on-site, assistance will be provided by Food Export’s In-Market Representative. Following the tradeshow, follow-up letters in the local language are created to send to all contacts made and quality checks are conducted on the top few. These are just a few of the many ways you can take advantage of the Food Show PLUS! service.

Exploring new markets can be intimidating and costly for small businesses but Food Show PLUS! and the Branded Program offer you the resources and compensation to put you in a perfect position to embrace your tradeshow experience with confidence. For more information on Food Show PLUS! or the Branded Program go to the Food Show PLUS! webpage or the Branded Program page on the Food Export website!

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