Regulations and guidelines involving international business have recently changed in Thailand. The Thai Department of Employment issued new guidelines for trade and investment related activities which streamline business activities in the region. These changes will make it easier for business travel to happen within the country and potentially increase the amount of international business that takes place with companies located in Thailand.

Secretarial burdens on Thai companies will be lessened and it will be simpler for patrons from other countries to take part in activities including: business visits or business negotiations; attending academic lectures; technical trainings and seminars; and purchasing goods at a trade fair. The new guidelines should encourage more business meetings and events across Thailand's boarders with the possibility of bring in more international companies to the country.

KPMG, a public accounting firm, says these changes are important to note for companies who take part in global business. Companies should acclimatize their processes and procedures with respect to sending employees into Thailand to participate in or undertake any previously noted activities. The activities listed may be regulated differently depending on the nature of work the foreign individual is engaged in.

Thailand may be doing these things to increase international business travel within the country and potentially bring in other companies. What do you think these changes will do the Thai economy and global business travel?

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