It is no secret that the mining and metals industry is mired in a multi-year slump. Unfortunately, it looks as if this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. One major reason for this negative outlook is slowing economic growth in emerging markets, particularly in China. This issue has proven problematic for the industry, as it has caused investors and lenders to flee the sector, which has in turn created a shortage of financing. However, there is cause for optimism, as most industry experts ensure that the painful cycle will eventually come to an end.

As it stands, China accounts for more than 40% of global demand for most key base metals. Therefore, it is understandable why an economic slowdown in China would cause metal prices to collapse, especially when metal-exporting countries like Peru and Chile continue to inflate the global supply of metals. Weak demand coupled with an overabundance of supply invariably causes prices to decline.

Throughout the remainder of this blog series, we will provide insights into the mining sector in Africa, China’s international investment in mining, and the growth in investment in the South American mining industry. Be sure to stay tuned to the globalEDGE Blog to expand your knowledge related to the global mining industry. 

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